The Colorado Wine Club is a non-profit organization whose goals are to promote the art of wine and mead making through informational, competitive, and social meetings.  Our membership is comprised of amateur and professional wine/mead makers, wine appreciators, wine educators, grape growers, chefs, and those who inspire to learn more about the appreciation of fine beverages and gastronomy. 

We encourage our members in their crafting of unique/creative products, at the same time, stress raising the bar and expanding the market for both meads and wines alike.  We strive for quality…“great wines start and end with excellent ingredients, cleanliness and sanitation. The end result – a stylish profile unrivaled by any other club in Colorado” (R. Scovil, 2010).   

We take pride in knowing that we the only club of this type in Colorado and the shining example of what an AWS chapter should look like.

Our foundational goal is to provide our members with the skills to win at least one (1) medal from an AWS and/or AHA/BJCP governed competition within two years of joining the club. In addition, we are working towards the following goals:
  • Contributing to state legislation regarding amateur and professional winemaking policies
  • Securing co-op benefits/discounts with winemaking supply stores
  • Obtaining AWS Wine Judge Certification
  • Obtaining AWS liability insurance to cover members and their guests when attending CWC sponsored events
  • Facilitating a Wine and Mead conference, where wine and beverage accessories can be showcase
  • Provide an interactive website – including a wine library, social media functionality and a wine tutor
  • Securing a category for meads in the American Wine Society Amateur Wine Contest
We achieve these goals by:
  • Promoting free exchange of brewing knowledge from novice to experienced wine and mead-makers
  • Promoting the economic viability of locally crafted wines and meads in the Denver Metro Area 
  • Facilitating social events, wine tastings, road trips to wineries
  • Participating in professional winemaking workshops (i.e.: C.A.V.E, International Wine Guild, American Wine Society, etc.) and local/international competitions
Our Bi-Laws are maintained on our website.
Professional Associations
We are an official chapter of the American Wine Society (AWS) and have painstakingly obtained sanctioning from the American Homebrewer’s Association (AHA) / Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) and respect their standards. In addition, we adhere to the’s rules and regulations for homebrewers.   


The Club’s format is very simple/casual – club news followed by an educational segment - ending with a tasting/evaluation segment.  We encourage members to showcase products commercial as well as their own.
Monthly club meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month at: 
15120 E. Hampden Ave.
Aurora, CO  80014
Meetings begin at approximately 11:00 a.m. Other events sponsored by the CWC are social gatherings, winery tours, and judging events, such as the annual CWC Home Wine and Mead Making and Label Competition. See the Calendar of Events page for information on the current club activities.
At this time there are no fees for joining Colorado Wine Club but we do ask you become a member of American Wine Society.
Membership Option:
Household Primary Member ($0.00) annually 
  • Guests may attend chapter events.
  • External seminars and events are optional and paid by the member. 
The American Wine Society (AWS) was organized in 1967 as a non-profit, educational, consumer-oriented organization for those interested in learning more about all aspects of wine. Membership is open to all adults who enjoy wine and are interested in promoting wine appreciation through education.
  • Benefits of AWS Membership
  • Discounts at wineries throughout North America
  • Participation in local chapter activities
  • Participation in local, regional and national events
  • Membership card and certificate
  • Subscription to the Wine Journal magazine
  • Quarterly AWS News
  • Technical manuals, bulletins and vintage charts
  • Wine Judge Certification Program
  • National Wine Tasting Project
  • Winemaking Competitions
  •  AWS Educational Foundation
Choose your Membership Option:



If you are interested in membership, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

 © Colorado Wine Club 2010
Revised 12/25/10


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